Monday, February 18, 2008

Kitty O’Shea founder in Belgian tax fraud probe

The Belgian public prosecutor is seeking a suspended prison sentence for one of the founder’s of the Kitty O’Shea pub chain, amid allegations that he gave gifts to a VAT officer to avoid paying €300,000 in tax.
Kevin Loughney, referred to in court reports as Irish businessman Alexander Loughney, together with a Belgian tax official, are the defendants accused in the case. Both men deny the charges.
Loughney confirmed to The Sunday Business Post that he is the subject of the case, and said his full name is Alexander Kevin Loughney.
The VAT officer involved in the case, Easter Wulf - who is also facing a possible suspended prison sentence - said in a Belgian court last week that Kitty O’Shea’s pub in Brussels was a good business up to 2002 until renovation works began at the nearby Berlaymont building.

He claimed the pub suffered from these works and, furthermore, that the Belgian boss of the pub made off with some of the business’s money. Loughney told The Sunday Business Post this weekend that the allegations were ‘‘outrageous’’.


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